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Business Services & Accounting Software

Small Business Start Up

Work with new entrepeneurs and their legal counsel, if required, to decide on business structure. After the structure is selected, helping the new business register with various Government levels and agencies, insurance providers, and preparing banking applications.

Contact your municipality for a business license

Accounting Software Training

Providing training to employees using the software, to ensure the software is used correctly.

Accounting Software Conversion

Work with the company to determine the new accounting requirements, and set up the new accounting software based on those stated requirements. Ensure that the transferring/data entry of information is correct and complete, check and balance the opening balances and histories, and train employees in the proper use of the new software.

Business Software Selection

Providing information on the most commonly used small business accounting software, Sage 50 Accounting, and Intuit Quickbooks, and working with the company to determine the software that is the best fit for day to day accounting.

Bookkeeping Set Up / Clean Up

Work with the company’s employees to structure day to day bookkeeping functions in a manner that supports the day to day operation and is in compliance with GAAP. When required, review and/or correct data entry errors, correct transactions inappropriately allocated, and ensure that all financial transactions are recorded according to GAAP.

Liaising with Government Departments and Agencies

Communicating with Government Departments and Agencies on behalf of a company to resolve any issues quickly and accurately.

Accounting Software Setup

Work with the company to determine the complexity of their Chart of Accounts, payroll, and project costing to ensure that the set up meets the company’s reporting objectives. A customized Chart of Accounts and Payroll can be built to accommodate current and future growth.

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