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Cash Flow Management

Monitoring and analyzing the trends in a company’s cash inflow and outflow; and evaluating when cash shortfalls or cash surpluses could potentially occur, allowing the company to take advantage of any surplus, or take action to reduce/eliminate the shortfall.

Source Deduction/ Garnishment/Benefit Premium/ RPP/
Contribution Remittances

Calculating/reviewing and ensuring that all statutorily/voluntarily withheld funds are remitted in compliance with government schedules, court orders, and established agreements.

Asset Management

Recording the purchase, use and disposal of company assets, and maintaining an asset list for use by the company in assessing costs and risks associated with the assets.

Payroll Forms Required in Alberta

Canada Revenue Agency TD1

Alberta Government TD1AB

Data Entry

Input of all financial information into an accounting program on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis depending on client requirements.

Bank and Credit Reconcilitiations

Ensuring monthly that all financial banking transactions of a company compare accurately to the accounting records of that company, with any differences being analyzed and adjusted accordingly.


Calculating, preparing, and recording all forms of employee remuneration paid periodically, as defined by the company.

Full Cycle Bookkeeping

Reports on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis depending on client requirements.

Bookkeeping Services

Employee Benefit/Registered Pension Plans

Calculating, preparing, and recording all benefit premiums/RPP contributions withheld from employee income and/or paid by the company, as defined by the Plans.

Pensionable and Insurable Earnings Review PIER

Annually reviewing pensionable and insurable earnings, and the CPP and EI reported to CRA to ensure the reported amounts balance with amounts reported on the T4’s, making T4 adjustments if necessary.

Statement of Remuneration Paid (T4)

Ensuring that all employee taxable income/benefits and deductions are appropriately identified and reported on the employee annual T4. Verifying that the T4’s amounts balance with the amounts reported to CRA throughout the year, resolving any differences prior to preparing the T4’s, distributing to employees, and filing the summary with CRA.

GST/HST PST Reconciliations

Ensuring that all GST/HST & PST taxable transactions of a company are recorded and compare accurately to the accounting records of that company, with any differences being analyzed and adjusted accordingly.

Accounts Payable (A/P)

Analysis and entry of invoices that the company receives from its vendors/ suppliers for goods and services purchased.

WCB Estimates and Reporting

Calculating and monitoring the company’s payroll activity throughout the year to ensure that reported WCB estimates are continually accurate and/or updated as required.

Accounts Receivable (A/R)

Preparing, when required, and processing of invoices for goods and services that the company sends to its clients/customers.

Month End Close and Reporting

Making certain that all financial transactions relating to a month are recognized, entered and any necessary adjustments are made prior to closing.  Once closed, and when required by a company, reports such as unaudited financials, margin reports, and financial ratio reports are prepared for distribution by the company to creditors and stakeholders.

Foreign Currency Transactions

Calculating and recording the foreign exchange (FOREX)/gains and losses on sales and purchases when funds are received or payments are made in a foreign currency.

GST/HST PST Remittances

Preparing company returns in compliance with statutory requirements and the predetermined filing schedule.


Employer Annual Return - WCB

Ensuring that employee earnings are correctly calculated and reported, and the required estimate accurately reflects the company’s future employee earnings requirements.

Statement of Contractor Payments T5018

Reviewing construction subcontractor payments, determing the company's reporting requirements, preparing and distributing the T5018 to subcontractors, and filing the T5018 summary with CRA according to the company's established reporting period. The T5018 is a requirement of the construction industry only.

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